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Are You Ready to Win BIG @ Blackjack? I hope you say YES! My name is Simon and I am 42 years old. I have been playing blackjack since I was 18 years old. I like card counting and I always use Hi-Low System as a Professional player. I have decided to start a YouTube Channel called Blackjack Lover in order to help YOU to win money daily and not to struggle with your Life! JOB means Just Over Broke! My purpose is to play every day and win €500. As a result you can have €15,500 per month just by playing Blackjack for only 3 hours. You need to have discipline and patience when you play with me because I will be playing only when I have advantage over the dealer. Bet behind me, ONLY when you see +8 on the table and I guarantee that you will WIN MONEY in the long run! If you don’t like card counting, then you can watch me LIVE on YouTube every day playing for 3 hours and you bet accordingly with respect to Tesla Blackjack Lover System. Memorize the System and Thank me later!


The Tesla Blackjack Lover System

I have invented a unique and sophisticated system that you win consistently when you play online blackjack or at live casinos, as long as you do the card counting using the Hi-Low System. I am so excited that I have discovered the Tesla Blackjack Lover System that will change your game at blackjack tremendously. This system is invented due to the 24 years of experience at Blackjack and also from the ideas from the Great Nikola Tesla about Quantum Physics. The Tesla Blackjack Lover System is simple and understandable which has 14 POWERFUL SECRETS that money will come to you Guarantee! I use the MONEY Secrets daily that’s why I am LUCKY, if you have seen my videos. Also, I will inform you about the blackjack paradox that few players know it! The system is not refundable and please do not share to anyone. This system costs €69 and it is for the few and elite players that want LUCK in their lives. It is up to you, if you want to join in our circle! Watch my video to see that I won €1200 in 40 minutes! No one can do this, unless you know the SECRETS!



Blog Posts

The best advice for Blackjack

The best advice that I can give to Blackjack Lovers before playing blackjack is to MEDITATE. Take your headphones and put them in your ears and listen to 432 Hertz music meditation video on YouTube and you will thank me later. The meditation should be maximum 30 minutes and you have to lie down alone without any distractions. Put your mobile to Airplane mode. You will play blackjack with mental clarity and you will be focused. A lot of times when I play blackjack online I am listening 432 Hertz music and it calms me down.

Blackjack vs Poker

Poker vs Blackjack. A lot of people play both Games. I prefer Blackjack for many reasons and I will mention the reasons below. The first reason with Blackjack is that you cannot bluff the dealer, you just count the cards and you play accordingly with blackjack variations. Second reason, when you play blackjack for a couple of hours, you win or lose money. With poker you can play 7 hours tournament and you lose your buy in money. You have just wasted 7 hours of your life. That’s how I see it. With poker you need to talk to the poker players to see their reactions, their body language, if they are tilted or not and so many other factors that poker players know them. In Blackjack, you don’t need to use these techniques but only to use your time to count cards effectively and efficiently and you will win money guarantee!

How many hours ?

How many hours do I need to play Blackjack to win Money? This is a common question that I have been asked so many times from my friends and from my subscribers on my channel called Blackjack Lover on YouTube. My humble opinion is 2-3 hours daily. When you count cards for 2 or 3 hours, your mind gets tired and you make mistakes. In order not to make mistakes and to have discipline, you need to play only 2-3 hours daily online or at casinos. When you win €500 per session and multiply by 30 days you have total €15,000.

Who is Blackjack Lover ?

Who is Blackjack Lover? Blackjack Lover is 42 years old playing professional Blackjack since he started playing at the age of 18. He prefers playing online instead of going to Casinos to count cards because he doesn’t like distractions and to have the pit boss watching him. He wins consistently because he is psychic, medium and he is using 12 powerful money secrets. He started to have a YouTube Channel called Blackjack Lover in order to help players to win money to bet behind him when they see +8 or more. He likes to play Chess, Blackjack and Poker. If you want to have Money, Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity ASAP, you need to buy his system called Tesla Blackjack Lover System. Tesla Blackjack Lover System was invented due to the Genius ideas of Nikola Tesla. You won’t regret it. One piece of advice, bet huge when you see true count +4 or more.

When to split 10s in Blackjack?

That’s a common question that I have been asked many times from my subscribers. The answer that I am always giving to the blackjack players is that as long as you count cards and you have True count +4 or more, you can only split 10s when the dealer face card is 4 or 5 or 6. If the true count is less than 4, you NEVER split 10s. I hope you are satisfied with my honest answer blackjack lovers.

When to take insurance in Blackjack?

That’s a common question that I have been asked many times from blackjack players. The answer that I am ALWAYS giving to the blackjack players is that as long as you count cards and you have True count +4 or more, you ALWAYS take Insurance. If the true count is less than 4, you NEVER take insurance.